Yubo Review: Dating for teens

Yubo Review: Dating for teens

15/01/2021 Off By webstudio2u

Yubo is a social media service launched and oriented for a teen’s audience. The platform is really popular and well-known among high school students. Developers have created a safe and fun place for teens to stay in touch and be on the same side in their everyday questions. Lately, Yubo received a generous investment, and the company plans its global expansion, developing better functionalities and investing in branding.

Social media and dating markets are full of offers, and it seems like this vertical is booked by websites and applications for people to meet for regular communication or dating. Nonetheless, mostly all of them are oriented for people who turned at least 18 years old, and many services even have restrictions for everyone under that age.

The creation of the platform

Yubo has originally started as a French with the name Yellow; actually, this is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing the platform’s brand color. The service was founded in 2015 as a web portal, but a year later Yubo released the application that is currently available in the App Store and Play market. With the light of speed, Yubo has connected more than 2 billion friends who have exchanged over 10 billion messages and enjoyed 30 billion of Livestream. It brought the service to a new opportunity. Not so much time ago Yubo received around 12 billion of investments and now follows its ambitious plans to expand the entire world. Currently, the Yubo team consists of about a dozen professionals who are located in Paris, France.

Tinder for teenagers is another name used for Yubo in social media, as the interface is quite familiar to the famous dating app. Despite all the efforts to provide a secure environment for its members, many parents blame the service for not providing enough protection for their kids.  The question is very doubtful considering overall low internet security literacy among the people, especially of children and teenagers. No matter how secure the service is, it is always an amazing idea for parents to spend an additional hour talking to their children about online behavior.