Where to look for the man of dreams: get acquainted with the right places

Where to look for the man of dreams: get acquainted with the right places

14/10/2020 Off By webstudio2u

Just 20 years ago, getting to know men was much easier than today. But technical progress and many communication tools, instead of simplifying the task of people’s communication, made it much more complicated. It is simply impossible to meet a decent person on the street or in a library in modern realities. But then where to get acquainted?

The main problem of modern women who dream about a prince is lack of understanding where to look for him. Because of the employment we have less and less free time and as paradoxical as it sounds, but before the appearance of mobile gadgets and social networks it was much easier to build relationships with the opposite sex. People got to know each other easily, got married and lived happily ever after for many, many years. However, modern women (however, as well as men) have completely lost the skill of interpersonal communication with strangers. We have learned to get acquainted. Yes, frankly, and we do not know where to look for a potential contender for our heart. Let’s try to figure it out together, based on the experience of thirty years old women.

Through friends

Advantages: no matter what event, in the circle of friends, you always have many opportunities to get acquainted with your friends. In addition, expanding your circle of friends is always cool. The likelihood of meeting someone with whom you share a circle of interests is very high.

Disadvantages: Your attempts to meet with a potential guy can fall under the scrutiny of a bunch of people. Neither you nor he will feel comfortable.

Tip. If you meet a guy with your eyes, just ask your friends about him, for example, he is free or busy. It is better to be sure right away.

Cinema, theater, museum

Advantage: while performing a show or watching a movie, you can only watch, because conversations disturb strangers. Any contact can only be reached after the show / spectacle / watching. So you have a lot of time to plan how to get to know him.

Tip. You have little chance to meet a guy in a romantic comedy. Choose a men’s movie theater. Action movies or thrillers gather mainly a male audience.

On the Internet

Advantage: you will find many people from the past, schools, people who have a hobby like you.

Tip. There are many people on the Internet who have common interests with you. Lovers of classical guitar, dancers and tattoo enthusiasts – there is nothing you can’t find on the Internet. Sea of opportunity!