What women don’t men forget?

What women don’t men forget?

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To become a woman who drives men crazy and stays in memory for a long time even after parting. Isn’t this what each of us dreams of? Look at what women men call unforgettable and what qualities they value most.

She is my closest person

Spiritual intimacy with a woman, the opportunity to share with her innermost thoughts and feelings – perhaps, the main marker by which men determine: this is my man! No normal man who wants a relationship can stay close to a cold, distant woman who does not understand his moods and does not try to listen. Contrary to popular belief, men love to talk as much as we women do. Talking about work, relatives, discussing the latest news, politics – all this is an integral part of a happy life, which is drawn in a man’s imagination. And if he finds not just a beautiful and fashionable woman, but a deeply thinking person, he is attached to her with all his heart.

She is a bad woman

To be a bad girl is not to be bad. She is a woman who sincerely loves and respects herself, puts her interests in the first place and is not afraid to lose a man. Being in a relationship is not the meaning of life for her, her existence is filled with other, more interesting hobbies. She has her own circle of communication, her own goals and aspirations. She does not depend on her partner, does not hold his hand like a little frightened girl, she is self-sufficient. Such a girl is smart and erudite; she always has her own view on things, her own opinion. She does not act as a victim and does not break hands at the slightest problem; she is able to achieve the goal and cope with difficulties.

She does not just love herself, she takes care of herself and always looks beautiful.

Having found herself in a relationship, she does not change into an old robe, having prepared to meet the old age with the person she loves, but continues to develop and live a full life.

She is unique

A woman, whose interests revolve around a beauty salon and pancake making, looks like a pet. She is comfortable, beautiful, but completely faceless. Well-groomed and culinary talents, of course, are good, but they are not the only ones that create a woman’s individuality. Think, do you have special talents and hobbies, do you create a unique atmosphere around you, do you know how to do something better than others? And if you are not unique in anything, do not expect that your beloved will remember you enthusiastically, even after the breakup.