A perfect woman through the men’s eyes

A perfect woman through the men’s eyes

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In 2014, renowned American columnist Gabriel Seirig has compiled hundreds of studies by scientists related to what men are really looking for in the opposite field. The result of the survey are in this article.

Bright eyes

The Journal des Femmes conducted a survey of 900 men on what color their eyes are most attracted to.  According to the results, 40% of respondents preferred light green or blue eyes to all others.


The same test revealed another man’s addiction – the strong half desperately wants to get from a woman of tenderness! 46% put this quality on the first place, the second place was taken by a woman’s mind, the third – a sense of humor.


It turns out that for a man to lose his head from a woman’s scent, he has to match his spirit. In other words, the perfume should not only be an organic extension of a girl, but also be in harmony with its own scent. Having caught this trend, advanced and creative brands produce paired scents for him and for her, which, like two halves of the same whole, bring people together and give birth to “chemistry” between them. 


Of the two thousand men surveyed by the British University, 45% admitted that they love to have something to look at and to hold on to. The male consciousness is aroused by curves of the body, and they are even ready to close their eyes to a few extra pounds. But only 34% of respondents are attracted to women who are too skinny.  

French women

The Harris Interactive study showed that in their sexual fantasies men are more likely to be around French women than girls of other nationalities.


50% of male representatives confirmed a long known truth: women in skirts and high heels are their great weakness. And it’s not about how short the skirt will be, but about the femininity of the image. For example, less than 10% of respondents said that they like girls in sportswear.  

A dimple on the chin

Unbelievable, but the fact is that 42% of men have a small indentation on their chin just makes them crazy. 23% are delighted with freckles, 21% with moles above the upper lip and less than 6% wouldn’t mind having their perfect woman pierced on her face.

Long hair

In their imagination men represent an impeccable friend of life with long and necessarily loose hair. At least 58% named the hairline among their preferences. And only 9% voted for hair that was tucked into a tight ponytail or braid.