6 myths about bad guys

6 myths about bad guys

30/07/2020 Off By webstudio2u

They’ve been trusting you since you were a kid. “Don’t even look that way!” Parents of little girls are afraid of bad guys like fire. It’s like they have a chip sewn up somewhere. With a special program: as soon as the bad guy appears on the horizon, it triggers an emergency evacuation mode. What about us? We saw them at the movies. They’re wearing leather and they’re definitely on motorcycles. And in life? Do they even exist? What do you think? And if so, what are they, these “bad guys”?

We’ve put together some of the most common stereotypes for you about bad guys that aren’t really true. Read this article and forget about any myths which were surrounding you.

They’re really the bad guys

Most of the time, the bad guys are the guys with behavioral problems. They just don’t know how to properly fit in and so they hide under the mask of aggressiveness. There’s a big difference between a really bad guy and a “bad guy.” The ones that surround you are probably not dangerous. But if you’re lucky enough to meet a really bad guy, go away without looking back.

They’re drinking and using drugs

Your typical “bad boyfriend” must be drunk and stoned all the time and on his way from one party to another. Things are a little different in life, as always. We’ve met guys who didn’t drink or smoke at all, but for some reason were considered the bad guys.

They have no feelings

Not true! “Bad guys” can have feelings, too. Moreover, many of them are more sensitive than ordinary people. It’s the hypersensitivity that makes them so bad. I mean, it’s their way of defending themselves from the attacks of others. They’re just afraid to seem weak.

They’re obsessed with sex

We know you won’t believe us, but we’ve met a couple of bad guys who were virgins. “Bad behavior” doesn’t mean “concern.”

They’re stupid

He may hate school and not go there for years, but he is the smartest of the smartest. There’s no connection between IQ levels and bad behavior.

They’re all hooligans

Hooligans are hooligans. Being a “bad guy” doesn’t automatically mean being a bully. Most of the bad guys we’ve met have been doing nasty things to themselves.

So there’s no need to be afraid if the bad guy asked you out. Your relationship can turn into a real fairy tale even if your boyfriend doesn’t meet conventional standards. The main thing you need to do right now is to put aside all your prejudices and let yourself fall in love for real!