My Perfect Online Date with my Interlocutor on a Cam Chat

My Perfect Online Date with my Interlocutor on a Cam Chat

15/12/2019 Off By webstudio2u

I used to communicate with random users on online video chats. I had a lot of fun, made new interesting acquaintances, and learned much new information for me. So, I frequently spent my evenings on cam chats. Especially, in winter. You know, when it’s cold outside, you sit in a soft comfortable armchair or sofa covered with a soft blanket, drink a cup of delicious flavored coffee and chat with random users. It’s such a pleasure!

So, I liked to spend my pastime like that. I made friends and had several users on my friend list. We chatted from time to time. One guy frequently called me on a video chat. We communicated for hours. Our conversations were lively, funny, interesting, and sincere. When he called me, my mood raised. We communicated on the cam chat for several months. I understood that I’m in love with him, but I didn’t say a word. I started flirting a bit. Yes, he noticed that. And also used ambiguous phrases and gestures. Finally, he offered to try online relationships.

The fact is that he lived in another city. About 200 kilometers separated us. It is not so far but we didn’t hurry to meet in real life.

One day, it was Saturday and my day-off. I woke up late and decided to slug. Of course, I took my smartphone and went to the online video chat. My beloved was online (as I found out later, he was waiting for me). He immediately called me and wished me good morning. I still remember those words. He said: “Good morning, my princess. How was your sleep”. It was so pleasant, I started smiling (if only I knew that that was not the end of my fairytale). We communicated for a while. Then, he offered to cook breakfast together. It was unusual for me. He explained how we can do it. So, I took my smartphone and placed it in the kitchen. We discussed our breakfasts. He told me what he is going to cook, and I described my standard breakfast. We cooked and ate together.

Then he offered to have a walk. We got dressed and then connected once again. I was strolling along the street of my town and showed him my native city, and he was doing the same in his native town. The weather was marvelous. We walked for about 2 hours. Then he told me that I have to buy some products in a store. Fortunately, I had enough money. I bought everything and came back home. He told that we’re going to cook once again a romantic dinner. We cooked my favorite pasta and then ate it together. Thus, we spend the whole day together on the video chat. It was one of my best days for sure.