7 Ways to Understand that an Online Interlocutor on a Random Chat is a Liar

7 Ways to Understand that an Online Interlocutor on a Random Chat is a Liar

30/12/2019 Off By webstudio2u

You can recognize deception not only with the help of a sensitive polygraph but also due to your own observation. Gestures, facial expressions, and behavior can tell a lot about a person, including the fact that he/she is hiding the truth from you.

There are several ways to find out if your interlocutor on an online video chat is lying or telling the truth. Paying attention to an interlocutor’s behavior will help make a precise picture of what is happening. Be attentive, because it’s very difficult to hide a lie, it always “breaks through” certain body signals.

  1. You asked a question, and your interlocutor moved back from the screen. This behavior signalizes that he/she feels uncomfortable with you and is afraid to answer. In most cases, such a gesture indicates that you will not hear the truth.
  2. Crossed arms on the chest is the most common gesture among people who try to protect themselves from other people’s attention. These are the so-called “closed” gestures that show unwillingness to continue a dialogue.
  3. A deceiver often trifles something in his/her hands. It can be a sheet of paper, pens or other stationery.
  4. Frequently, liars stare at you while telling lies. In this case, they make sure that an online interlocutor believes his/her lies.
  5. Cheaters forget to move. Thus, their movements are constrained. They can’t control everything, and when trying to control their speech and stories, they forget about body movements.
  6. Even a slight turn away from you says a lot: they are afraid of you, they are trying to avoid you and they will lie to you. A truth-teller is open; even if he/she is excited, he/she expresses emotions using his/her arms and does not turn sideways.
  7. One more obvious sign is a frequent touching of the face. If a potential liar on a random chat touches his face, especially lips, nose, ears, it means lying. She/he is ashamed of his/her lies and tries to cover his/her shame.

Body language can not lie. Cheaters can lie with words but not with their gestures. Non-verbal communication is generated subconsciously; thus, it is uncontrollable. By the way, if you want to master the art of body language and have some practice, random video chats will be the ideal option for this. But, it is important to remember one thing: it is not enough to learn the main body signs. It is important to understand them and know how to analyze them in a complex with verbal signs. Sometimes, a person just wants to rub his/her ear or nose, and you are ready to diagnose that he/she is a liar. Thus, be patient and do not hurry to call your interlocutor a cheater.