Which apps for chatting via video to download

Which apps for chatting via video to download

29/10/2019 Off By webstudio2u

Modern teenagers use their mobile devices and computers every day. It’s almost impossible to imagine a person who is under 25, lives in one of the most developed countries and doesn’t have a smartphone which is connected to the internet. Some psychologists even believe that a younger generation is obsessed with these innovative technologies.

Moreover, these days the internet is also a wonderful platform for people who want to communicate more. There are lots of services created for such a purpose. On the top of this list are video chats. These are websites which are free to use, and the only additional gadget a person ought to have is a web camera. Furthermore, video chats can be used not only on computers but also on mobile devices. In this case you should simply download an application on your smartphone or tablet. Here are the most well-known video chats.


For the first time the main aim of this application was to wake up people. Strangers were calling each other, and it was not only a great alarm but also an amazing opportunity to get along with people who live in different parts of the globe. However, nowadays the situation has changed, an recently Wakie has become a service for communication. Users are allowed to choose interlocutors according to their personal interests.

A marvelous advantage of this app is that there are lots of foreigners. That’s why it’s a possibility to improve your level of language.


This app is well-known for its wide filter. You can easily find your soulmate online because you are allowed to choose not only user’s gender, but also his location and personal preferences. Moreover, you can find those users who are near you. So, MeetMe helps to get along not only with strangers who live in another country, but also with individuals who are nearby.


This is a free app which is developed only for those people who use iPhones. There are millions of people who use this program regularly due to the fact that it has a simple interface. Omegle finds you a random interlocutor for a communication. However, you can skip that user and go to the next one.

However, it has one shortcoming because filters can be used only by people who have bought premium versions of this app. One more disadvantage of Omegle that it is impossible to create chatting rooms. That’s why you cannot have conversations with groups of people.