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B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B - Types of Websites for Business

B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B — types of websites for business

Development of websites for business helps the companies to solve a lot of urgent problems in the sphere of the company's activity. Depending on the set tasks, the development of a site for business can be performed according to one of the main techniques.

There are four generally accepted types of websites for business:

  • B2B – business-to-business
  • B2C – business-to-consumer
  • C2C – consumer-to-consumer
  • C2B – consumer-to-business

B2B – Business-to-business

This type of websites for business is suitable for the companies which perform business transactions via the Internet. B2B websites allow these companies to build commercial interrelations on a new and higher level. They provide an advantageous basis for the development of partnership between the companies.

A B2B website may contain business proposals of the company. It can also help to acquire information from the partners and suppliers, create accounts for payment for the goods and services and even conclude contracts. Development of B2B websites for the companies allows them to be very active on the domestic or international market.

There are several types of B2B websites for business. For instance, B2B directories permit the users to find the sellers of different goods for a fixed price. This type of B2B websites is the simplest type from the functional point of view.

Electronic exchanges, as a type of B2B websites, are more complicated than B2B directories. The functional of such websites is quite similar to that of real stock exchanges. Electronic exchanges can help to sell consumer goods and, correspondingly, purchase them.

Such type of B2B websites as auctions is also very similar to “offline” auctions and B2C virtual auctions. However, the lots on such auctions are usually represented by marketable surpluses.

If you need to combine efforts with the company's partners to carry out various researches or exchange ideas, you can use such type of B2B websites as electronic community. Electronic communities help to provide the interested parties with necessary information in the most efficient and convenient way.

B2C – Business-to-consumer

This type of websites for business is the most popular. Such websites are suitable for the companies which perform direct sales via the Internet. For instance, one of the largest B2C websites for business is an American site www.amazon.com.

Development of B2C websites is effective is you want to increase the availability of the sold goods in remote cities and regions. B2C websites remove the need for middlemen and thus reduce the cost of the goods for the ultimate consumers and increase the competitive ability of the goods.

The consumers find it profitable to receive goods without the middleman's markup, and they will be more interested in purchasing products with the help of a B2C website.

C2C – Consumer-to-consumer

This type of sites is suitable for the companies which act as mediators between the clients and sellers. C2C websites provide private individuals with an opportunity to sell or purchase goods directly. For example, among the most well-known C2C websites we can name an American site eBay.com and a Russian site molotok.ru.

C2B – Consumer-to-business

This type of sites is the least widespread among the types of sites for business under consideration. C2B websites allow the consumers to set prices for the goods they want to purchase themselves. The selling company can make the final decision being guided by the information about the current purchase requirement. The C2B website acts as a mediating broker which finds the seller who is eager to sell the goods for the price formed according to the consumers' propositions.