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Social Media Marketing. Mentions in the Social Media

Social media marketing. Mentioning in the social media Social media marketing assumes active communication with the target audience of the company and its corporate website in various social media. Such communication has a positive influence on the reputation of the company, increases the confidence in it, helps to turn its potential clients into the real ones. How to use mentions of the company and its website in the social media in a proper way?

Mentions of the company or its website in the social media can be conventionally subdivided into 5 groups:

  • critical mentions;
  • mentions of mistakes and drawbacks;
  • questions about the company's activity, its products etc;
  • neutral thematic mentions;
  • positive mentions.

Each of these groups of mentions is used in social media marketing and promotion of the company and its site in its own way. For instance critical mentions and mentions of mistakes or drawbacks belong to negative mentions. If you ignore such mentions or react to them incorrectly, the positive image of your company may be ruined, and you will lose the confidence of your clients. To avoid it, you can and you must turn negative mentions in the social media to your own advantage.

You can work with negative mentions in the social media using the following algorithm. First of all you should agree that your opponent's opinion is noteworthy and worthy of respect. Then you should ask your opponent to specify what exactly has caused his negative attitude to the company or its website.

The next step of interaction is argumentation. Social media marketing will be more effective if you find the right arguments when you answer the negative mentions. To convince the opponent it is useful to adduce statistical information, express expert opinion, shift the emphasis towards the evident advantages. In conclusion of your answer to the negative mention of the company or its website you should once more emphasize the importance of opinion of your potential clients for the company, the desire to make your goods or services better.

When you have to deal with questions in the social media, you should choose another strategy of social media marketing. If the questions are asked on the pages of official blogs of the company, you should better always answer these questions. However, if a question has been asked, for example, in Twitter without using the hashtag of the company, you should nevertheless answer it as soon as possible – it helps to improve the company's reputation.

Neutral mentions in the social media usually do not require obligatory reaction. However it is better to keep an eye on development of forum threads or comments in blogs where such mentions occur in order to promptly respond to possible negative mentions or questions if there appear any.

When you have to deal with positive mentions of the company and its site, you may think, that social media marketing strategy does not assume any special reactions in this case. In reality positive mentions of the company in the social media also should receive the company's response. For example, a common “thank you” will be a sufficient response to a positive mention.

Therefore social media marketing as a method of promotion of a company and its website will be effective only in case if the company is involved in feverish activity in the social media, tracks the mentions – both positive and negative ones, timely and competently responses to these mentions. Web design studio WebStudio2U is ready to offer you assistance in social media marketing and social media optimization of your site.

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